HANDMADE ROSARIES - Swarovski - Gemstone - Vintage
Synthetic Perfumes are the Bones of a Scent. Natural Perfumes are the Flesh.Natural Perfumes Do Not Overpower Like Synthetic Perfumes Can and Combine with Your Own Natural Chemistry for a Unique Scent That's Only YouThe Process of Extracting the Scent from Flowers (many are home-grown) is Labor Intensive. We Use The Ancient Enfleurage Method. Some of The Essential Oils Used in Perfume Formulations is Extracted Through Distillation.  Yearly Yields Vary in Scent Depending on The Everchanging Weather, The  Soil, and Growing Conditions 
 Pure Perfume is Blended with Organically Grown Grain Spirits and Botanical Resins Derived from Natural Sources. Tiny Amounts of Vegetable Glycerin and Purified Water Are Added for Moisture and to Prevent Quick Evaporation from the Skin
I Do Not Use Any Animal Extracts (castor,civet, musk, ambergris)as Most Other Natural Perfumers Do. God Did Not Intend for Us to Kill or Torture an Animal in Order to Make Perfume..Many Perfumers Claim to Love Animals, Yet Continue to Use Their Extracts While  Knowing The Cruel Methods Used
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Earth Man Sample
1 ml
Price: $10.00
Hola Sample
1 ml
Price: $10.00
Rosie Sample
1 ml
Price: $10.00
Forest Sample
1 ml
Price: $10.00
Serenade Sample
1 ml
Price: $10.00
Tahitian Gardenia Sample
1 ml
Price: $10.00
Egypt Perfume - All Natural IngredientsBotanical Perfume Earth Man
Earth Man Botanical Perfume
as described .33 oz
Price: $25.00
Earth Man Botanical Perfume
As Described 2 oz. Bottle Only One Bottle Available
Price: $99.00
as described
15ml Atomizer (1/2 oz.)
Price: $19.00
Botanical Perfume Forest
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FOREST: See Photo Below:

 A Unisex Scent.  The Scent of The Forest Created  with A Melody of Botanical Ingredients: Tinctures, Roots, and Resins.  
EARTHMAN:  See Description Below  
Forest Botanical Perfume .33 oz
As Described Limited Edition
Price: $25.00
Forest Botanical Perfume 1 oz.
As Described Limited Edition: One 1 oz. Bottle Available
Price: $60.00
Botanical Perfume Rosie:  A Beautiful Woman

SERENADE.25oz Botanical Perfume
Serenade Botanical Perfume 15 mL
15 mL Swivel Up Refillable Perfume Atomizer (colors vary)
Price: $49.00
Tahitian Gardenia Botanical Perfume .33 oz.
See Description
Price: $22.99
EARTHMAN This is Actually a Perfume for Men and not a Cologne which Contains a Large Amount of Water.

Soft, Warm, Woodsy, Earthy Scent (women like this scent, too)

Aged, Like Fine Wine: Vintage 2012

.33 oz. Dropper Bottle 2 oz. Bottle Also Available Upon Request

100% Natural Ingredients - No Synthetics - No Vodka

Organic Grain Alcohol , Mysore Sandalwood, , Balsam Peru, Amber, Italian Bergamot, Jasmine Sambac Enfleurage, Mandarin Enfleurage, Vanilla Oleo

Pure Botanical Perfumes
.33 oz
Price: $29.00
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Rosie Pure Botanical Perfume .33 oz
.33 oz.
Price: $22.00
Rosie Pure Botanical Perfume 1 oz
1 oz. One Bottle Remaining
Price: $75.00

Handmade Botanical Rosie Pure Perfume - A Romantic, Deep, Warm, Heavenly Unisex Scent

Aged Like Fine Wine - Vintage 2013

A Rich Blend of Organic Grain Alcohol, Rose Enfleurage , Rose de Mai Absolute, Hinoki, Guaicawood, Sweet African Myrrh, Tuberose and Amber, with A Touch of Glycerin and Distilled Water to Provide a Lasting Scent That Won't Evaporate Too Quickly

Forest:  A Unisex Scent.  Juniper Ashei, Clementine, Italian Mandarin, Sweet Myrrh, Amber,  Vetiver, Iris Root.  A Rich and Mesmerizing Outdoor Green Scent.  

Hola : Oriental Lily & Lilac Enfleurage,  Ylang Ylang, Tuberose, Mysore Sandalwood, Vanilla, Benzoin.  The Scent of Spring Lilacs Dancing in the Breeze (due to the large increase in the cost of Mysore Sandalwood, this perfume is a limited edition).  

Serenade:  Sweet Broom, Pink Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Tuberose, Vanilla, Iris, Benzoin Siam,Tonka Bean  A Gentle Breeze Filled with the Melodious Scent of  Exotic Florals with Citrus Top Notes.

Tahitian Gardenia:  A Soloflore Exotic Blend of Monoi de Tahiti Essential Oils, Vanilla Oleo and  Tree Resins

Massage A Drop or Two into Pulse Points

Note: Most of the Flowers Used are Seasonal, Therefore, Many of Our Perfumes are Limited Editions

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