HANDMADE ROSARIES - Swarovski - Gemstone - Vintage
CHILD'S SHORT ROSARY:  "My children, in the short Rosary, the decades are replaced with 3 'Hail Mary' instead of 10. Including the 'Our Father', the 3 'Hail Mary' and the 'Glory Be' between the Cross and the Medal, my little ones are called to pray 6 sets of five prayers. Until such time as they have reached the age of reason, my little ones may omit the 'Apostle's Creed.'"


Blessed with Padre Pio's Relic
Child's Short Rosary Sterling Silver
Hand-wrapped, Colorful 6mm and 8mm Cat's Eye Beads with Sterling Silver Components
.925 Sterling Silver Hand-engraved Crucifix with Miraculous Medal Center
IN STOCK: Two Available
Price: $129.00
Child's Short Rosary Sterling Silver Style 2
This Style Has A .925 Sterling Silver Hand Engraved 1-1/4" Crucifix
Price: $125.00
(Example: 6 x 1 'Our Father,' 3 'Hail Mary,' 1 'Glory Be.') "My children, prior to each set of 5 prayers, remind  my little ones to reflect  upon one of  the  mysteries. Help them grow in this very special devotion that shall save the world. One day, through the Rosary, I shall bring peace to the world." [April 11, 2003; 6:45 A.M.]
Child's Short Rosary with Swarovski Sapphire Crystal Beads & SS                                                             
Child's Short Rosary SS Sapphire
6mm & 8mm Swarovski Sapphire Crystal Beads All .925 Sterling Silver IN STOCK: ONE
Price: $75.00
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