HANDMADE ROSARIES - Swarovski - Gemstone - Vintage
The uniqueness of natural perfumes…When you start using natural perfumes, the first thing you notice is the lack of STABILITY. The molecules of the essential oils are more volatile than their synthetic versions and the natural perfume will rather tend to grow on your skin, matching your pH. This is why when 5 different persons try the same natural perfume, each smells different. A NATURAL PERFUME IS UNIQUE to the person who wears it. It is a real INTIMATE experience, only shared with the people close to you and not with the whole assembly in a room.
4ml Atomizer (refillable)
Two in This Size Available: One Red; One Metallic Silver
Price: $40.00

Vetiver Perfume 12ml
A Woodsy, Earthy Scent 12 ml atomizer (.40 oz.)
Price: $55.00
Vetiver Perfume 7.5 ml
.25 oz. in Euro dropper vial
Price: $36.00
Vetiver Pure Botanical PerfumeVetiver:  A Masculine Scent:  Woodsy, Earthy.  Essential Oils: Vetiver, Bulgarian Lavender, Cardamon, Vanilla, Benzoin Resin

Autumn Breeze:  A Warm, Earthy Melody of Indian Vetiver, Pink Rosebuds, Pink Grapefruit, Iris Root & Bourbon Vanilla

Rose Truly:  A True Rose Soliflore Scent - Hearty and Warm

Rose Truly Pure Perfume
2 ml Sample

A Heavenly Rose Artisan Perfume.
Price: $15.00
Rose Truly Pure Perfume
1/3 oz. Glass Bottle with Screw on Top
Price: $75.00
Did You Know The rose essential oil is a tonic for the uterus and relieves premenstrual tension, increases vaginal secretions and regulates the menstrual cycle. Is also beneficial in treating impotence and frigidity, relieves stress by dopamine (hormone of happiness), it is beneficial to the heart, activates blood circulation, relieves congestion, balances, strengthens the stomach for concussions emotions, is antiseptic and purgative and helps cleanse the alimentary canal. It also helps to relieve nausea, vomiting and constipation, jaundice has a calming action and is in  cases of sore throat and cough. Facts: the rose oil is usually solid at room temperature and requires 6 tons of petals to obtain 1 kg of essential oil!
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