HANDMADE ROSARIES - Swarovski - Gemstone - Vintage
Philosophy Baby Grace Handmade Soap (our own version)Cannabis Flower Scented Handmade SoapCannabis Scented SoapHandmade Soaps Varietysoapsforsale3 Variety IncludedUnscented Shea Butter Soap
Three Handmade Vegan Soaps Set A
You Get One of Each. They Weigh Approximately 4 oz. Each

Set One: A
Lavender (Lavender Essential Oil)
Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil
Creamsicle with Real Vanilla Bean and Hydrolyzed Halo Orange Peel

Vegan Formula: Ingredients: Purified Rainwater, Fresh Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Olive, Coconut, Castor Bean & Cottonseed Oils. Natural Food Coloring. Hydrolyzed Halo Orange Peel, Orange Essential Oil, Vanilla Bean, Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil, Organic Lavender Bud, Organic Lavender Oil.

Lots of Gentle Creamy Lather with a Ph of 7

Price: $15.00
3 Handmade Vegan Soaps Set B
Three Bars Approximate Weight is 4 oz. Each

Monoi de Tahiti (Tahitian Gardenia)
Lavender Essential Oil Conditioning Shampo Bar
Amazing Grace (Philosophy Type)
Price: $15.00
Unscented Vegan Soaps with Extra Shea Butter
Appoximate Wt. is 4 oz. ea.
Price: $4.99
Cannibis Flower Soap 4 oz.
Avg. Wt. is 4 oz.
Lard Soap with Palm Kernel Oil Processed with Pure Rainwater
Cannabis Flower Fragrance Oil
Price: $4.99
Baby Grace Shea Butter Soap
2 Bars (approximately 3.25 oz. each)
Price: $11.99
2 Baby Grace Shea Butter Soaps:
2 oz. Jar Baby Grace Skin Cream (paraben-free):
Pink Himalayan Salt Cleansing Bar
Himalayan Pink Salt Soap
1 Bar
Exfoliating Himalayan Pink Salt Soap Avg. Wt. 5 oz.
These rustic-looking bars are hot processed and hand-milled
Ingredients: Coconut milk, shea butter, aloe vera, olive, coconut, castor bean and jojoba oils. Himalayan pink salt, Fragrance Oil: Sea Shore. Food Coloring
Price: $6.50
Handmade Soap Oatmeal Apple Cider,  & Honey  Apple Cider, Oatmeal & Honey Handmade Cleansing BarsSOAPSESSENTIALOIls
Angel Soap for Dry Skin
This is our natural formula delightfully scented with our own version of T. Mugler's ANGEL . Avg. Wt. is 4 oz.. Custom Body Cream & Pure Perfume Available By Special Request. Email Me: miraculousbeads1@aol.com
Price: $4.99
Evening in Paris Cleansing/Soap Bar
French Milled Evening in Paris Soap Avg. Wt. 4-5 oz. Scented with Our Own Version of Evening in Paris (Soir de Paris)
Custom Body Cream & Pure Perfume Available by Special Request: Email Me: miraculousbeads1@aol.com
Price: $5.99
Black Orchid Cleansing Bar
A Dead-on Version of the Original Scent
Avg. Wt.: 3.5 oz.
In Stock: 2
Price: $4.99
Very Sexy for Him Cleansing Bar
Avg. Wt.: 4 oz.
Scented with Our Own Version of Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for Him.
Custom Lotion, Cream and Cologne Available by Special Request: Email Me: miraculousbeads1@aol.com
Price: $4.99
Black Code for Him Cleansing Bar
Goat's Milk Added for Skin Exfoliation. Scented with Our Own Version of Black Code for Him. Avg. Wt. is 4 oz.
Custom Cologne or Lotion Available by Special Request: Email Me: miraculousbeads1@aol.com
Price: $4.99
Monoi de Tahiti Cleansing Bar
A Unisex Scent: 99% Natural Ingredients with Coconut Milk and Scented with Tiare Gardenia Fragrance Oil
Very Lightly Scented
Avg. Wt. 4 oz.
Price: $4.99
Texas Rain Cleansing Bar (Unisex)
A Unisex Scent -Avg. Wt: 3.75 oz. Extra Creamy Formula. Scented with Our Own Uplifting Scent: TX. Rain Fragrance Oil.
Price: $4.99
Coconut Milk Cleansing Bar
A Unisex Cleansing Bar - 100% Creamy Coconut Milk
Net Wt. 3-1/8 oz.
In Stock: 2
Price: $4.99
FREE USA SHIPPING (no minimum purchase)  USA Orders Exceeding 13 oz. Will Be Shipped USPS Priority Mail for FREE

 BACK TO EARTH ONE:  Natural, Handmade, Hot Processed Soaps/Cleansing Bars. (you won't find these high-end soaps in the stores)
These Rustic-looking Cleansing Bars are Processed with Purified Rainwater, and/or Coconut Milk, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oils. Fresh Whole Leaf Aloe Vera in Every Batch. May Be Super-fatted with Sweet Almond, Hazelnut, Jojoba, & Rice Bran Oils.

Unscented or  Scented with Essential Oils or Designer Scents:  Evening in Paris, Very Sexy for Him, Black Orchid, Angel, Senchia Green Tea, Black Code for Him, TX Rain, Baby Grace, Black Orchid Cleansing Bar, Coconut Milk Soaps, Monoi de Tahiti, Coors Light Beer Soap, Irish Cannabis Flower Soap

All Our Handmade Soap Bars are Suitable for Shaving

Available for Skin Types:  Oily, Acne-prone Skin, Normal/Dry Skin

Lots of Luxurious, Creamy Lather

For Best Results:  Pat Dry After Showering or Bathing

For Face:  Using Your Hands, Work Up a Lather & Massage into Skin.  Rinse.  Pat Dry.
Honey Oatmeal Bath Bars
Honey Oatmeal Bath Bars 6-6.25 oz. Eac

Handmade from Scratch - Contains No Animal Fats
100% Vegan Ingredients:
Apple Cider, Unrefined African Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Hazelnut Oil
Organic Honey, Oats. No Fragrance Added.

Gentle to the Skin with a Ph of 7.
Price: $6.99
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