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Handmade Cleansing Bar, Black Orchard (Tom Ford) Our Own VersionOur Own Version Black Orchid Pure Perfume (Tom Ford)
Black Orchid Pure Perfume
2 oz. Atomizer Glass Bottle

We use only the finest grade of organic grain alcohol in our formulations.
Small amounts of glycerin and distilled water are added to slow down the evaporation process and to add moisture to the skin
Price: $36.00
Black Orchid Perfume & Luxury Bar
2 oz. Black Orchid Perfume in Atomizer, Glass Bottle
One Lightly Scented Black Orchid Luxury Cleansing Bar 3-3.5 oz.
Price: $42.00
Designer Perfumes (our own version):  Tom Ford's Black Orchid; Classic Evening in Paris Perfume and more....
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